Finally, An Attractive Twitter Client for Windows Phones

Tweeter is a Twitter™ Client for Windows® Phones which allows you to view and interact with the following timelines: Friend, Public, User (your history), and Mentions. You can quickly send a reply or re-Tweet by using a handy drop-down menu. You can also view a user's profile, send Direct Messages, and view any photos or web sites which are attached to a Tweet.  Quickly upload a photo with your Tweet or Direct Message as well as a link to any web page, or your current location.

Tweeter can automatically check for new Tweets and either quietly place them at the top of the list, or notify you about the new messages. Should you run into any issues, Tweeter can automatically send an error report to the development team, allowing us to quickly fix any problems which may arise.

Navigate how you want! Tweeter supports touch-screen devices and allows you to use your finger to scroll through the Tweet lists – or if you’d prefer, you can also use your phones navigation keys.


  • View different timelines including:
    • Friend – A quick list of you and all of your friends past Tweets.
    • User (your history) – All of your past Tweets in one quick list.
    • Mentions – See who’s been talking about you!
    • Public – You don’t even need a Twitter account to view public Tweets!
    • New timelines: Retweeted by Me, Retweeted to Me, Retweeted of Me!
  • Automatically checks for new Tweets and quietly adds them to the top of the list or notifies you. You choose how often new Tweets are loaded.
  • View and reply to all of your Direct Messages, or send a new direct message to one of your friends.
  • Quickly attach a photo – from your phone’s storage or camera – to any Tweet or Direct Message with the touch of a button.
  • Attach a link to any web page and Tweeter will automatically shorten the URL to allow you to write more in your Tweet.
  • Support for your phone’s built-in GPS allows you to Geotag your Tweets – either automatically or manually at your discretion.
  • View details about a user by viewing their Profile.
  • Integrated error reporting, feedback, and a dedicated support and development team means that any issues that are found are fixed fast and new features will be released regularly!

System Requirements

  • Windows® Mobile Professional 6.x or above.
  • Microsoft® .Net™ Compact Framework 3.5.
  • 3MB of storage space (built-in storage on the device or additional storage media). More is recommended to support the caching of profile pictures.
  • A data plan from your service provider or other data connection (such as WiFi).

How to Buy

Tweeter is currently in private Beta - we're almost done - so keep checking back.

How to Get Help