A Fun and Fast-Paced Number Game for Windows Phone 7

Numera is a fun and fast-paced game in which you must select from a set of tiles in order to match the target sum. You don’t have to be a math whiz to play, there are three difficulties available so you can start easy and work your way up.

Numera includes three modes of game play. Story Mode contains 50 levels of pre-determined tile sets and offers increasingly difficult challenges. Timed Mode and Free Mode present you with a completely random tile set and target sum each round, so you will literally never see the same round twice!

Numera also includes a score-keeping system so you can continually challenge your previous high score in any game mode or difficulty. Multiplier tiles help to keep the game play exciting and challenge you to find the most lucrative path to the goal.

Please use the included Feedback feature to send us your comments, questions and suggestions. We will continuously release new levels to add to Story Mode.


  • 25 levels in Story mode. More levels to come in future releases.
  • Timed and Free mode offer increasingly difficult gameplay with Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulties.
  • High-score tracking for each mode allows you to continuously challenge yourself.
  • Global leaderboard coming in a future release!


  •  Windows Phone 7 Series device.
  • Network access required to send feedback.

How to Buy

You may purchase Numera from the Zune Marketplace. Check it out today using your Zune software.